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There are plenty of things on the market right now for human anti aging. metformin is the only FDA approved drug for it and it is starting to get marketed more heavily towards this vs other uses.

David Sinclair has some interesting opinions and studies on human aging and supplements that show legit positive effects.

Then there was that one study out of Israel about the O2 chambers and how it added length to peoples telomeres.

Cool stuff is already here, just not super mainstream yet…


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First and foremost, so called AI at this stage is really just computer programs with very specific and limited scope. White collar crime fraud detection uses so called AI but it’s just an algorithm that can detect outlier patterns like Benfords law.

Just about every so called AI or even specific computer programs are foiled easily and completely by pictures of railroads or a bunch of random words that look like a death metal band logo (captcha or whatever…)

People write software programs to make decisions and aid with analysis, but the programming is so insanely specific at this early infancy, that you would never run a random forest simulation to do quantitative trading optimization and then get back the answer: “Go forth with xyz evil fascist plan, etc.”

This is just the stuff of science fiction honestly. As someone that programs this stuff, I really wish people would stop calling it AI because then it gets lumped in with sci-fi AI.


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Strikes may be legal technically, but damn near half our states are “Right to work” states where businesses can fire anyone anytime without cause for any reason and not be sued. So anyone even talking about striking will get fired immediately, and the movement is dead before it even started.

It is very rare for workers to have any leverage over here. That is why our federal minimum wage only covers 25% of one months rent in most places.


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For the most part only top executives at publicly traded companies get stock as part of their comp.

So your thesis is that: workers that simply participate in a system that they can neither opt out of nor had a hand in creating are “capitalists too”…. So this makes them even culprits with the corporate goal to slash worker pay, raise consumer prices and beat up suppliers and competitors up the supply chain to shave as much profit off and pass it all to shareholders?

This sounds an awful lot like blame the slaves for slavery. Not saying your average worker is a slave per se, but their ability to opt out is just as futile.


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Not saying it doesn’t exist or can’t work…. Just saying that in practice the only real world use case is crypto related.

Ever heard of capitalism? The idea of profit sharing evenly amongst workers is diametrically opposite the stated goals of capitalism. This is the main choke point as to why this idea will not scale.

I’m not saying I don’t like it. I do. But capitalism is the rule of law for businesses. It’s going to be almost impossible to get wider adoption of this.


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Quick answer: No. Things things exist almost exclusively in high risk extremely speculative shit /alt coins, NFT farming, and other dubious enterprises. Any of the mature ones already have an established team at the top. The new ones where there is plenty of room to grow in theory -are almost all going to be garbage.

If this kind of structure existed for actual real businesses that would be cool, but unfortunately this is almost entirely linked to crypto