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When there are more medical professionals, people receive more care. When there's educational outreach about mental health issues, people seek out help. When there are fewer social stigmas against receiving care for mental health issues, people seek out care.

>Guess living a simple basic life helps

No, it doesn't. There are simply far fewer services available, coupled with massive stigmas against receiving such help, better to just go see the local shaman.


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I know that family doctors have specific GYN training, for well woman, and female developmental care, but I wasn't aware that they had standard abortion training. Especially since most residency programs do not have abortion training. There seem to be in the neighborhood of ~30ish residency programs that offer abortion training, which is really low when you consider that there are 745 family medicine residency programs in the US, offering 4,916 spots this year.

But in general...no, pediatricians, and internists do not perform abortion procedures, and aren't trained for that at all. I have no idea where you got that idea. Could they prescribe abortion pills? Perhaps, but I don't know any doctors that would do so without at least an ultrasound.

There isn't some huge pool of trained abortion providers that aren't being utilized; even OBGYN residents aren't getting appropriate training in 13 states.



>Abortion training is not offered at Oklahoma's two medical schools and education on the topic is limited. Aspiring doctors who want to learn about it typically seek out doctors providing abortions outside the traditional medical education system.

>U.S. medical schools require students to complete a clerkship in obstetrics and gynecology, but there is no mandate that it include abortion education. At the post-graduate level, OB-GYN residency programs are required by an accrediting group to provide access to abortion training, though residents who object can opt out of performing abortions.

>OB-GYNs perform most U.S. abortions, followed by family medicine specialists.

https://www.vice.com/amp/en/article/bvm5k3/doctors-abortion-training >At least 13 states have now banned almost all abortions, and hospitals in those states can no longer teach the next generation of doctors how to perform the procedure. Although Roe’s overturning has spurred more doctors to pursue abortion training, experts told VICE News, the few places that can provide that information are dwindling and overrun. Abortion providers’ ability to keep up what promises to be a decades-long fight over the future of abortion is now imperiled.