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What I think most the posts right now are missing that condensation itself isn’t enough to sustain life. Moisture is only one part. There is a lot of dust in the air that gets sucked into the vents. Usually hvac systems blend a mix of inside and outside air. Indoor air has a lot of things like skin cells, fibers from clothing and carpets. Outdoor air has dust air pollution pollen and other stuff.

Commercial hvac systems in theory have filters, but they aren’t perfect filters, and roof mounted systems are notorious for having old dirty filters, missing or not properly placed so they intake a lot of unfiltered air.

All that stuff settles in the vents, add moisture and it’s a perfect combination for bacteria to grow. Especially in poorly maintained systems they might have other mechanical issues, such as condenser coils that don’t run a defrost cycle long enough or often enough to prevent the formation of ice or excess condensation build up. Burnt out uv lamps in some commercial hvac systems.


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Cloud is great for when you want to rent someone else’s computer space. It can be cheaper than building a data center, maintaining the hardware and software, expand and contract dynamically.

For example a ton of servers can be brought online for something like if Netflix was streaming the super bowl. They might suddenly need 3 times the servers they normally need, cloud is good for that sudden expansion, but tends to be more costly for regular use.

Super computers are great for lots of calculations very quickly. For example you want to simulate the air flow of individual air molecules over a new airplane wing design. Or some other kind of complex mathematical modeling in science, or finance.


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And humans are a major factor in bringing fish to isolated lakes and rivers. Particularly the kind we like to eat or fish. For example brown and rainbow trout have been brought into lakes and rivers all over the world for centuries. In modern times by airplane and helicopter, but even in buckets on horseback or hand carried.