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I’m not gonna get into a whole deal about where and how I think you are wrong because that is not in the Ghibli spirit.

Instead, I’ll just be happy that these movies take up so much space in your heart that you took the time to arrange them neatly.


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This is the answer. I don’t think anyone’s first viewing of Blade Runner is their favorite. It’s just… too much to take in, too dense with all that is going on, and yet maybe a little too bare on plot to fully propel you inside before it is over.

But watch it again, and maybe just a little less focused on surprises and twists and revelations, just to experience what they created there - there is absolutely nothing like it, and probably never will be. Every time I rewatch it, I want it to go slower, for all the things that it gives you.


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You never own software. Even if you download a file, you’re purchasing a licence to use the data, you don’t ‘own’ it. And it is in the publishers legal right to disable the file you downloaded remotely.

So the ‘difference’ to streaming you’re talking about, apart from possibly convenience, is an illusion.