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I read every word of it, and several other write ups on it.

There is no treatment on earth that cures every form of cancer.

Every cancer treatment is for specific types of cancer.

This treatment results in complete remission with no need for bone marrow transplant in 30% of patients. And another chunk of patients have complete remission but still require a transplant. It is a cure for 1/3 of people with this type of cancer.


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If this map was the percentage of banks that went bankrupt, that would eliminate the base rate issue that some states have far more banks.

But I suspect Georgia’s issue would remain, even as a percentage. It’s banks were all smaller, which I suspect would make them more susceptible to failure. But it would be interesting to see that map to see if it is true.

As you suggest, dollars might be another way, or number of accounts (to level out the impact of wealth differences across regions).


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Russia use of railroads to bring troops and supplies into Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine.

Soviet operations to maintain control of its soviet republics during independence movements (eg Hungary in the 50s).

Challenges with supplying Ukraine currently due to rail standards. Also challenges with exporting grain by land from Ukraine. All giving Russia an advantage.

Lack of a rail connection between Iran and Iraq during their war.

India and Pakistan rail connections during the split and their conflicts.

Lack of interconnecting rail slowing resupply of Vietnam and Cambodia. Differing rail gauges slowing train movement between some Northern Vietnam systems and the south and to certain cities (meter gauge, standard gauge, mixed gauge). Vietnam’s biggest lines used a different gauge than lines running to China.

Hell, even within China affected their various revolutions after WWII.