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The main holdup for what you're asking is actually the helmet part of your question. We have the technology now, but the technology uses fMRI machines which like regular MRIs can be pretty huge. So the real question is, "When do you think it will be possible to create an fMRI small enough to be worn like a helmet?"


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It's literally cursed. About the best explanation I've been able to come up with to explain the conga line of setbacks, accidents, and disasters that have plagued it for the literal decades to took to build and couple years since it opened.


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I think they need to make regulations because if we're not careful, the rich celebrities will make it so that their likenesses never fall into the public domain. They're only just now realizing the inconsistencies.


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I was 24 and was making around $15/hour as a student worker at William Paterson. A couple friends were sharing an apartment on the border of Paterson when one had to bail, so I took the opportunity to jump in. Apartment's rent was $900/month for a tiny "two bedroom" (it was the back half of a 1st floor apartment which at some point had been split in two), so just $450/month for my half. Since I was moving in with a friend, had more friends living in the apartment upstairs, and was 5 minutes drive from work/college it was a pretty sweet situation for my first place. Plus it was within walking distance of bodegas, restaurants, and laundromats so honestly not a bad spot at the time (also it was literally the border of Paterson, and really may as well have been Prospect Park).

All of this was in 2010.


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Yeah, so far the temperatures have been dropping throughout the day and the last I looked out the window there was some light snow (though I hadn't noticed any of it sticking yet).

The important things when there's a big blizzard coming is to make sure you have supplies in case it's unsafe to travel for a couple days (water, canned food, etc.) If you live in a house, it's a good idea to have a backup generator in case power is cut due to damaged power lines. It's also a good idea to fill up your car at the gas station before the storm hits.

I live in an apartment complex, so luckily stuff like shoveling the sidewalk or dealing with the power company if there's an outage is handled by the office.

I don't believe we're expected to get much snow? I think the bulk of that is going to swing just north of us and hit New England instead.


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Speaking as someone from the area, almost everyone thinks the bridge is named "Outerbridge Crossing" because it is New York City's outermost bridge. That it's actually named after a person named Outerbridge is usually a shock whenever it gets brought up. It's just a coincidence that it's turned out to be also the city's outermost bridge.