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Yep, they nearly got to my mother, I’m glad she was too bothered by the red flags but I could see other parents overlooking things.

She said she didn’t know if 3 months was enough to get me comfortable with the idea of living outside of home, they said “don’t worry, you don’t have to tell her, they’ll come and pick her up in the middle of the night and just take her” (as if that isn’t at all traumatizing) she asked more questions and one thing they ‘assured’ her with was that she won’t be able to contact me AT ALL for the first 6 or more months I’m there.

The school was located in the USA too (We’re Canadian) and she’d have to pay 10’s of thousands for it, so yeah. I wasn’t even a ‘troubled teen’ I personally asked for therapy myself and at most was just depressed/anxious and over stimulated in regular environments due to my autism. Honestly disturbing these people, who I confided in, recommended this behind my back…

I graduated college with honour rolls in every year, never went below an A. It’s amazing what decent support can do, and I shudder to think what that place would be like if what they told her was the acceptable stuff.


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Honestly? For min wage I’d probably go for it. Give me any random trinkets you don’t want and I’m sold (buttons, marbles, idc I have low standards. I even enjoy literal trash)

I’d plant fresh herbs, flowers and collect any fruit/berry trees/bushes you got. Bake fresh bread, pickle, jam, dehydrate and smoke everything, make whatever you want from scratch (assuming you provide the materials. I work with pretty much any material.). I’d put little pies on your window sill in the evening occasionally, or small gifts.

And if you need a favour I’ll help out, don’t mind at all. I’d organize anything you want (even make custom storage), I absolutely love organizing, any job that lets me do that as a living I’d die for, I like figuring out efficient ways to do things.

Hell, I’d even wear a costume, tell riddles and hide in bushes to scare any ex’s/in laws you’re not fond of.

I think I would genuinely be living my best life. Get to enjoy my isolation, get to feel helpful/competent and make things with my hands.

Was thinking of running off into the country and doing this, I keep thinking I like people but then I actually interact with them :/ and I’m autistic, asexual and aromantic. There is some ideal of being able to share in a loving community… like pot lucks and stuff sound nice but eh. Just need to figure out what job I can be competent in that allows me to work from home and isn’t an abusive environment. I realized I’ve suffered from extreme burnout just by living/masking… can’t function anymore and the only way I can see me being okay is if I somehow pull this off :(