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>The opposite actually - the genetic predisposition for mental illness can’t weed itself out of the population unless it onsets before being passed on

This is a restating of my point; I'm not sure why you're suggesting I said the opposite. Please re-read my comment in context.

If the illness does not affect mating, i.e. manifests AFTER breeding, it will not be selected out. The illness has to manifest or become apparent early enough to impact mate selection or reproductive fitness to be selected against.


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But not in mate selection for the most part

ED: Look, dudes: successful grandchildren and opportunities for breeding are not the same metric. Popping out 40 kids in a trailer in Tennessee is absolutely a valid and effective reproductive strategy, even if they aren't raised by GMA/GPA; it's just not optimal for offspring wellbeing.

Existing precedes well-being and the two are not the same thing. It's ridiculous I have to spell that out in r/science