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The low-pressure system keeps moving. If it stays close to shore, it means more rain. If it wobbles out to sea, that means colder temps can get farther south and more snow. We're talking about a 50-mile difference in where the front ends up, so it's difficult to predict.


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People will clutch their pearls because its Bridgeport. Yes, there is crime higher than the rest of the State. Yes, the East End is rougher. You'll have kids fighting and do teen stuff around the high school.

Realistically, though, you need to be able to get to work, and you're likely on a budget. I worked in the local news for nearly a decade. North of the hospital was mostly car accidents on rt 1.


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It might be a little noisy with the hospital nearby, and Harding High isn't far, so there will be some teenage shenanigans in the area, but otherwise, it's fine. It's far enough to the East.