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There’s a federal limit to how much a vehicle can weigh in total. So the tractor and the trailer can’t be more than 81,000 ish pounds. If you’re over that the truck damages roads and bridges.

So musk is saying his truck can do what every other truck can.

In reality, a giant ass battery pack is heavy so the truck can’t legally move as much cargo because it’s electric.

As someone who’s driven professionally, truckers drive over the weight limit daily.

It doesn’t work in corporate America


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According to Colorado law they didn’t need the mother to press charges.

You’re saying the cops returned the guns he used in the shooting?

Edit : Such a troubling case — dropped or not — could still have been used to trigger Colorado’s “red flag” law, which allows family members or law enforcement to ask a judge to order a removal of guns for a year from people dangerous to themselves or others, with possible extensions based on subsequent hearings.


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Look. The scared people who make all the decisions are terrified of someone else having more powerful space weapon than they have.

So you can’t have healthcare because you not having healthcare only effects you!

The decision makers not having the mightiest weapons effects THEM!

Do you get it now?

Me either. But that’s how it works.


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In August 1996, a group of scientists announced that they had found evidence of ancient life on Mars. This evidence included bacteria-shaped objects and organic chemical molecules in the martian meteorite ALH 84001, which was collected in Antarctica.


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It’s not feasible to build more charging stations?

Have you ever heard of daisy chain chargers?

You plug in one battery to an outlet. Plug the other battery into the he first and on and on and All the batteries get charged.

There’s simple solutions to every impossibility you’re stuck on.

We go green or the planet heats up and all the crops die.

Take your pick.