PlayingTheWrongGame t1_jdtlkfu wrote

Any anyone working for any company in the government or a contractor’s supply chain, or anyone providing critical services for any of those companies, even the second-order ones.

Which is essentially every vaguely important company in the US.


PlayingTheWrongGame t1_iudqtpa wrote

> Not likely. Mass production tends to result in efficiencies that can't be achieved with bespoke engineering at any scale.

SMRs would never be produced at a scale that would be considered genuinely mass production. You’d be talking a couple of dozen units a year, maybe.

It’s “mass production” compared with the current state of the industry, but we’re not talking cell phones here.

> SMRs can be dropped in just about anywhere at the substation level

Given than none of them currently have approval to be used that way, no, they can’t.

They could, in theory, be used that way in the future. But there is not currently a commercially available product that could be used that way outside of a tech demonstrator project that gets some sort of waiver.

It’s also unclear that SMRs could be deployed outside of a concrete containment vessel anyway.