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Bottom line no ice is safe until you check it. Ice is variable, there is no "it's safe" or "it's not". It could carry a semi truck and be completely unsafe 100 feet way. Someone falling through isn't indicative of some blanket "the ice isn't safe anyone that's out there is an idiot". Now could they have been idiots fishing on 2 inches of ice? Sure. But we don't know that. When people make assumptions about ice conditions is when people die is my point.


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The air temperature has very little to do with ice safety. If some temporary warm air makes it unsafe it wasn't safe to begin with. People who go ice skating when it's 20 and don't bother to check the ice thickness are at much greater danger than an ice fisherman fishing in the 40s who spuds their way out onto the ice. Things like underwater springs, birds, pressure ridges, rocks, and flowing water are what you should be worrying about because they'll turn a foot of ice into nothing within a few steps.


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You ever seen a graph bud? The trends exist, it's not up for debate. Whether humans are causing it entirely or it's part of a larger cycle of natural climate variation you can debate a bit. But when it lines up very closely with the industrial revolution...kind of hard to ignore IMO. But you might disagree.