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I'm not sure what you think this job is, but you'll need a bunch of people to remove the old panel, then install the new panel. They pick the ties up disconnect the rail joints and it's a big job.

Then they have to wait while the new one is put in the install and connect it.

Even the yellow hats in the corner are there doing the signal side of this with all the work related to signal equipment.

Power department too connecting the third rail

Notice power in grey hats and signal in yellow don't have a ton of guys because the work is less labor intensive.

Would you rather in this example shown above, have the people all leave and go do something else in the time being while the crane does they're thing?

You picked a weird picture to bitch and moan about people not working as hard as you want them to.


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It makes sense for some more physical jobs as long as you can keep the insurance when you retire. My government job doesn't let me keep the vision, hearing and dental coverage we have after retiring, which are the three things that deteriorate for most employees due to the job and are a fortune to fix.

Being able to retire at 55 is still great considering most office based employees are going to work till a minimum of 62.


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This actually basically happened to me except i was on the bike. I happen to think our bike lanes are pretty decent in Brooklyn. Except on caton ave near the parade grounds along the park was in need of road repair real bad.

It was a tight street and lots of traffic and i was riding in a lane like a car at that point because it was such a tight street its easier to just control traffic like that but I went into the side where a bike should go and hit the biggest pothole i have ever seen. It was like going off a bmx ramp on a road bike. Chest hit the handle bars and i flew into the side if a guys car just snacking the whole side or it. Driver came out and looked at the car and asked if i was okay and just left. It wasnt the drivers fault and if anything I thought i should have been the one paying for scratching the shit out of his car