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Indulgent and excessive eating or drinking of anything is injurious to health.

Unbalance nutrition is injurious to health.

Total starvation or avoidance of critical foods is injurious to health.

Avoid fads and fashions, keep active, keep trim (not thin) and you will live happily.


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You have a master eye. If you hold your thumb up at arms stretch, both eyes open , and line it up with a small object in the room; now close one eye. If you thumb is still in line then you have just closed the subordinate eye. Try it again, this time close the other eye and the thumb will appear to move.

Unless it is inconvenient (something in the way for example) , the brain utilises the master primarily and the other image is used to judge distance, it can be used to confirm detail at closer range (reading).

When I used to shoot pistols, I would have competitions with myself by using both a left hand and a right hand pistol; I would make a point of sighting the shot using my right eye to shoot with the right hand and the left eye to shoot with the left. You might find you can consciously choose which eye is acting as the master; ambidextrous people (me) find this easier than most, or so I understand; we use both sides of our brain more readily. There is a saying , "ambidextrous is using both hands equally badly"; luckily, nobody told Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo.


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Beware of correlation.

The only correlation index that is conclusive is zero.

A correlation index of 1 is trivial, the data is the same; two connections to the same pair of wires if you will; the answer already obvious.

Remember that Americans do not wear an extra layer of cloths because people in the UK are cold. Drawing conclusions from correlation is only meaningful to politicians. Politicians do not need any understanding or talent; all they need is votes