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They are getting really hard-core with teaching school staff, and probably other mandatory reporters what to look for and basic knowledge on abuse and different forms of it etc. Have to pass little online quizzes with a certain percentage to be certified and continue working with kids.


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Main reason I went through so many therapists as a teen was because they'd stay to get some starter experience and then leave to a state that wasn't as understaffed. This place definitely needs it the most. For parents and kids. And not family therapy. Separate therapists to begin with, who are allowed to talk to each other.


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I think that's fine as long as you have enough time to prepare for a dip in wages. But if you don't know how long it will take that will definitely have a different effect on your bills if you are preparing for a week or a month. I understand duty, and I've created my bills around being able to afford things on minimum wage already. But for others that make more, but not as much in savings, I can see not being prepared for something that lasts that long, like a phone that's not paid off because you knew you'd be able to cover it every month, a loan, etc. If all those bills could be...given a forbearance in light of your duty that would make it a lot more tolerable. Idk if that's a thing already or what.


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You're acting like you don't understand the point is that I think the rules should change and everyone should be able to survive on their income whether they are on jury duty or working at their job. The governments not increasing minimum wage to a livable wage? My value is less than livable? I don't owe them some civic duty that would put me in the streets. And the people on trial are owed a jury of their peers, per the laws. Are they getting that? Clearly not. The government is not fulfilling their duty by their own metrics. How hard is that for you to comprehend?


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I mean you can twist it either way. People with children just trying to enact policies that benefit their child. (Like a coach). But i am a childfree person on the side of education being a priority. I'm not...like someone who could run really for other reasons. But I'd support someone else whose childfree. But the main thing is having people on the board that support the concept of education to begin with, not people trying to dismantle it.


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Oh gawd. Reminds me of those parents that volunteer to be coaches only when their kid is sports age so they can make sure their kid gets the special treatment and basically ignore anyone else on the team that isn't their kids friend group.

It's never about the actual sport and teaching kids how it works or about the kids, it's about abusing the system, "life hack" to get your kid ahead of everyone else because everything's a competition and you're kid deserves the best.


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I agree with you on that. Late October is a huge coin flip on if it's going to be rainy and freezing or bearable sweater weather. I'll second going to NY. I did a proper night life thing to weeks ago and went to a small concert in Elmira NY (The L). Corning is nearby with the glass museum and I think some hiking trails? Something outdoor related. And it's in that 3 hour zone away. I stayed at a hotel overnight. So it would be a good weekend getaway where you had the choice of being outside If it's nice or going to a museum if it's not and both things could take as much time as you want.

I've gone to the Corning glass museum three times at least.. probably same amount of times I've gone to Mystic aquarium and I personally would prefer the glass museum again over any aquarium, mystic or not. Plenty of variety, history, changes in Glass art featured, interactive glass creating activities of different levels, amazing gift shop.

I made a glass frame I hated when I was...12 I think. Just glass chips glued to frame to be heated and then shipped home later and it broke and I was glad lol. I could have made the glass bead at the time but I was too anxious then. There was also a small Cowboy history museum nearby, don't know if it's still there. Very cute. Next time was a school field trip. I signed up for making the glass flowers with the glass blower. I got to use the HOT tongs to shape the flower and choose two colors. Still have it. Also got to make a small flat suncatcher with glas chips sprinkles and rods, have it, its gorgeous (made a heron). Last year went with family and sisters bf for his birthday. Could have spent way more time than an afternoon. Watched the example of them making stuff, perused the gift shop for Christmas gifts and no money lol, huge price range, some books about Tiffany lamps and history of the area and nearby areas. Made a windchime, as did my brother. Got to use the glass breaker tool combo. Was not enough time to make what I wanted as an artistic type. Was there far longer than the kids in that time slot haha. Still turned out gorgeous, though not an obvious vine and water motif, love it anyways . Lots of good restaurants and shops around. There was more places to go that were in conjunction with the main glass museum that we didn't have a chance to check out in one afternoon.

I'd be curious to know if there's good Halloween events around there too. (The variety of glass pumpkins when we went in August was...gorgeous). So if you are into Halloween that would be a place I would guess might create some enjoyable halloween/harvest events.