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Honestly I don’t have a fantastic answer here as much as I wish I did. Better/more effective in school counseling. More direct/personal interaction to figure out where the individuals interest lies or how to redirect that angst or emotion. Earlier intervention to identify the source of an issue before it necessitates suspension. Or even just interacting in a way that says “you don’t want to be here fine but don’t be an asshole and ruin this for everyone else.”

There’s no easy answer unfortunately. That being said, suspensions are proven not to help. So leaning on a broken system to fix a broken system doesn’t make a lot of sense


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Suspensions have been proven to have little to no effect on at risk students. Those having issues IN school are unlikely to be bettered by allowing them to just not be in school. And secondary “send suspended kids here” institutions are just daycares.

Yea the school system is suffering but saying it’s not penal enough is your misunderstanding of the system on the whole. I have lived in and among ISS and OSS districts with high non compliance penalization and all it does is piss off the teachers because of increases in bureaucracy


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Honestly not sure about the tablet. PC was primary for a while. And still is for anything Steam. But I got a Series X cheap cheap because I was having issues connecting to friends and downloading some bigger games. Especially if it had to navigate other apps like EA or Activision to validate the download