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I thought The Circle was interesting as a concept, but could have just been 1 episode in something like Alice in Borderland rather than a long movie. It seemed a bit heavy handed and a bit boring for me. For that genre of movie, I think The Platform was more entertaining.


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Alice in Borderland is an adaptation from the original manga and my understanding is that it's pretty faithful although leaves out some details (like the King of Spade's motivation or the joker character). Season 2 essentially ends with the end of the manga (except more details of the joker), so unless the show runners want to create new plots for a whole season around the joker, there shouldn't be a season 3. The thing about how characters act/talk is not uncommon in manga.


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Let's not keep spreading that "both parties are the same!" rhetoric. The Dems had already proposed a windfall tax on big oil: Biden proposed it again later (you'll notice how the media spins it this time).


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People need to understand that crude oil is traded at global prices, not how much it costs locally. The US has exported more oil than imported, but that oils is still at global prices. This is why OPEC has such an impact on gas prices even if the US is oil independent. The real change is moving off oil completely.