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So drop used the 8 year old headband design and slapped it on the 2017 400i driver. Both of those parts had known issues and were phased out by Hifiman. Drop bought them at a massive discount as spare parts, put the 2 together and sold them as if they were new and relevant. This is a drop problem. Do your research people.


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Well for one I spent $50,000 on speaker amps and literally every single one of them provided almost no benefits whatsoever until I asked for advice from someone with more experience than this entire subreddit combined and got a Parasound A21+. The other part of why it happens is that proper speaker amps have a huge amount of power reserve in their capacitance and dumping the amount of power needed doesn't come close to their maximum power so you're never starving the capacitors and losing dynamics because of it. The HE6 is incredibly high on current demand for a headphone and that drains capacitors really fast, fast enough that it severely gimps the amount of dynamic range due to the voltage swings being lower because of the capacitors never being fully charged and ready to discharge on headphone amps. I didn't spend $50k on speaker amps and another $50k on headphone amps only to settle on the Parasound because I'm imagining shit. I sold off every one of the amps I tried because they didn't do anything special, it's not about amount of power, it's about the ability to sustain it without keeping the capacitors in a constant scavenge stage where they're trying to recharge and never delivering their full voltage swings.

I know how to test gear, I understand volume matching and have decibel meters and even a measurement head to measure volume with a pad seal. The differences are very real and immediately noticeable, they are not subtle, anyone can hear them immediately. The problem is making a blanket statement that they need a speaker amp, but that is only half of it, they need a GOOD speaker amp and several speaker amps I tried even over $2000 MSRP absolutely sucked and provided nothing over a run of the mill powerful headphone amp. It was also immediately noticeable on the Parasound that the Hifiman HE-adapter was lowering the quality over plugging directly into the speaker taps. I have spent more time trying to perfect an HE6 chain than most people spend nitpicking audio gear in their lifetime and I don't even feel like I'm close to the end but I do know for certain that if all I had was the 789 and A90 I originally had when I first purchased the HE6, I would get rid of the HE6 because without being driven well, they aren't anything special, but when they are, I prefer them over basically every single TOTL headphone, including the 1266 TC, Utopia, D8000 Pro, Empyrean Elite, haven't owned the Susvara but have demoed then at shops on my own gear and they are incredible and I'll eventually buy a pair but they aren't the dynamics kings like the HE6, and several others in the summit-fi realm. A lot of people don't understand that they have the thickest planar diaphragm in existence and all that mass is really hard to push and even harder to push to full excursion, it takes a very fast slew rate and and capacitance to dump power fast enough to make them worth owning. The diaphragm mass is why they can slam so hard. I have done significantly more testing than your skepticism would ever allow you to believe, all volume matched and tested properly.


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Mine died about a month after release and drop replaced it. The best thing I ever did in my audio journey is get rid of that piece of shit. Not a single amp I've owned since has sounded anywhere near as bad as the 789. It's a wholly shit amp with extremely poor detail and control in the subbass. They fucking suck.


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The G6 is not powering them well. They have a firm minimum and the G6 does not meet it. I've tried them on around 50 amps and the Asgard 3 or SMSL SH-9 with a balanced cable are the two cheapest options for an amp. The G6 is not relevant in today's market.


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The gen 2 is what you're looking for for the best gaming Beyer. The gen 3 is way too warm and far less technically capable than the gen 2. The gen 3 was Beyerdynamics failed attempt at making their gen 2 easier to drive but what they ended up doing is just making an all around worse headphone.