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Due to inexplicable issues I've had with the website and the fact that you'll get the new Key Card immediately, this is what I do. They require you put maybe $5 on the card, but its there for you to use once the transaction is done.


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I was told that, when they were first setting up the current day Electric Factory/ Franklin Music Hall space, the sound booth had been in the back as per usual, and once everything was optimized for the space, the owner decided they'd visually prefer the booth up front, but never reworked the sound booth, because they had no idea what they were doing.

It feels insane for that story to still be the case, for a venue to change hands and still, no one looks into the weird booth placement and notoriously terrible sound, so I can't say what goes on there currently. I'm not sure I've been there in almost 10 years myself.


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Came to say this about the 46th and Market Aldi. It's right at the station, you really don't have to walk anywhere and it IS that much cheaper. Online selections available on instacart aren't gonna compare to what's in stock. Even if you're supplementing what you can't find at Aldi with a quick stop elsewhere or a delivery service, shopping in person at Aldi is worth it.


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No, because people need a place to live. I ain't out here in a sprawling mansion. There were better ways kick off restoration of this course while preserving wild habitats.

Initially, the trees were taken down before a plan could be approved, almost as if the developers expected to be granted a deal simply because they started work. It was egregious deforestation before a plan could be finalized. That's the rub.

Too, lot of the oldest growth was along the roads where they wouldn't impact play. I'd like to think you'd want trees to prevent taking out a windshield.

I grew up in the area and have always been around this green space. Even as a functional golf course, it had never looked as barren and lifeless as it does currently. I understand and appreciate wanting to revive this historic course, but I'm wary of developers' intentions. Glad to see a larger environmental/ educational component with the plans listed in this article.


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You can press one of the emergency buttons on the the El, located next to every fold up single seat by the exits, and tell the conductor whats going on. Take note of your car number to make it easier.

I've done this before. The conductor called transit police to meet us at our next stop where they helped the person off the train - who was having a really bad time on whatever they'd just taken and began to bleed - and got them the help they needed in that moment.