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That is because when you zoom in on digital zoom ranges (not talking the default selectable .5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, anything in between those and beyond 3x which is digital zoom).. Apple decided “we should force photos to go through AI upscaling to 12MP”. It is where the dreaded water painting effect comes in full force, otherwise it is usually fine when bounding yourself to physical lenses.


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I always looked at the options for VPN’s, then I personally have been using ProtonVPN given I also have been using their email service. After jumping on their all-in-one subscription, it has been nice.

Also to note as it’s what destroyed ExpressVPN as an option for me when looking before: They support the infamously known asshat Ben Shapiro.


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If someone unsent a message, there was probably a good reason why. The window is 2 minutes so honestly it’s either a mid-send and meant for not your eyes, there was an error and the person wants to unsend and then type the message again or it’s not relevant anymore like maybe they asked a question and then answered it themselves before you got to reply.

This is the feature working as intended, why do you want to know what was said so badly? You could always ask too if you really want to know.


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Good thing my last phones for now should be the 14 PM, I don't exactly know how I feel about that change if true. Not that the quality would be bad but.. how would it work with cases and such? When it was just the home button that was a different situation, but wouldn't cases covering those non-buttons cause issue with how it perceives inputs?

All I can see is it would be rather annoying if more ruggid cases had to have more revealed spots to compensate for the different button design.


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Honestly when it comes to stuff like this, I think the cost it takes now until the potential who-knows-when-if-ever of it being added in the future officially… it’s worth it for these kinds of features if it’s something one wants, especially if the app is actively updated like Picsew is.

Even if I don’t use the app 24/7, if Apple did add the feature officially I wouldn’t regret small amount I spent back in like November 2021 for it before Apple did it.


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Edit: I seriously don’t understand this subreddit, I state a factual “you can set up custom sounds for specific people” as I literally have custom sounds for multiple contact right now and then people are like “welp time to downvote as if you said something that is incorrect!”

Unique sounds per individual as in person in messages and calls? That can be done, but otherwise per app notification sounds is kind of an annoying area as it completely relies on the developer to provide a custom notification sound otherwise it does a default one.


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This this this! The app is amazing, not to mention that compared to competition as far as I found (others charging 8-10 plus Canadian dollars) for all the features it only costs 2.79. This isn’t even mentioning that it has a widget for the left-side widget menu which has a quick access scroll shot combining feature without having to open the app itself.

I can’t recommend the app enough if the topic of scrollshots comes up so it was nice to see someone else mention it. It was the only feature I greatly missed from the Samsung phone I had before, and it filled that role wonderfully.


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That’s up to personal preference for sure, I found the official Reddit app to get more and more worse when it comes to layout as time went on. Not to mention viewing media (as in videos) is really wonky in the official app as of my experiences, especially as someone who commonly saves posts a lot. I like the gesture based upvotes and replying too, reduced a lot of screen clutter. Also it hides comments of people you blocked instead of it showing “[Blocked User]” all the time allowing you to see their text anyway, kind of defeating the purpose of the block feature. Especially when you use it to block nasty bigots.

Only thing I wish Apollo had which it doesn’t, is Drafts. I have not replied to some people because I typed a whole comment only for the app to close or something else and while it can recover the text.. sometimes it hard to ever find posts again.


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I don’t personally understand people’s appeal in sports, but if that is something others seek out then that is nice! I personally won’t use it for sports but it certainly sounds like a nice feature for those who do as it’s super convenient.

Random story just because: Had a store employee recommend getting a 14 Pro line phone (was getting one anyway through Apple) solely based on being able to see sports scores which his kinda weird when someone just assumes everyone likes sports. Like not “it can do multiple things, like also show sports scores!”, it was like the go-to feature the person mentioned and nothing else. Though it probably was their own excitement there for said feature!