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Spinelli's in East Boston has pretty good stuff, though I haven't tasted their stuffed peppers, everything else I've gotten there is pretty good and I'm a fan of their red sauce.


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Resurrection has some very cool ideas and imagery, even the overall plot is pretty clever considering where 3 left off. The thing that keeps it from being good is tonal goofiness that just doesn’t fit. I hate to say it because I love Pearlman but his character is horribly written. The culmination of which is when he gleefully exclaims “Hey everyone! Ripleys back!” Which has to be the cringiest thing in the film. He’s giving a blade 2 performance, which isn’t in and of itself bad, but just completely out of place in this film (edit: or rather out of place in a better version of this movie).

That line always bugged the crap out of me because I could have seen a delivery where it might be sarcasm, but that’s now how it is delivered. Just really weird choice that is symptomatic of a lot of the tonal problems the movie has.

It’s a pity because I also love Jeunet, but resurrection always missed the mark for me.


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Lore: Slendermans brother in law. He's always the worst at Thanksgiving, but what is Slenderman to do? Not invite him? Oh the drama that would cause with the fam...