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Where I worked, the babies were taken from their mothers within hours of birth and put in little pens and fed milk out of big bottles. The females were raised to be dairy cows and the males were sold to farmers who raised them for meat. It was heartbreaking to hear the babies calling for their mothers in the barn and the mothers calling back. Sometimes the mothers would escape and go looking for their young we would have to round them up and get them back in the barn. Hard.


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Still wet behind the ears! When I worked as a milker I got to witness several births and it is always astounding when a new creature pops into the world and takes its first look around. Thanks for sharing this auspicious event.


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It's been a hard year for me too. My mother died 2 months ago, my best friend of 38 years died in March and my dog died a few days before him. No presents. Outages on and off so no fancy cooking either. Tuna salad sandwich good enough. Streamed some corny movies for free and smoked a lot of the recent harvest.

But I still have 2 great dogs and for the time being, light and warmth and cookies.

I hope we will have more joyful times ahead but in the meantime, know that you are far from alone and take good care.


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I light up the wood stove when it gets below 60 indoors. It usually just stays on until spring after that. If I have to be away, a propane heater keeps pipes from freezing at around 50 - 55 F.

I would not be happy without the wood - especially during power outages when nothing works in January.