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i asked you to give me a specific example of what you called a disproportionate amount of influence over policy, and you asked me a question. you did not give me any example. if you can provide me an example to support your statement, we can continue the discussion. you have not done so. i'll respond when you do thanks


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these mfers will type "you can't just say he's transphobic the word will lose all meaning" and then type "his only mistake is levelling reasoned criticism against the quite aggressive trans rights activists" like Bruh...

stay strong friend<3


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there's nothing wrong with tabs, because you're gonna have to strengthen up your hands for a while before you can casually play most things. it's a good idea to learn theory from the piano, in my experience with learners.

early guitar players generally have a hard time with the strength and dexterity that are required from your fretting hand. you can't shortcut that. you have to just play a lot. it is by far the hardest part of picking up the instrument for many folks regardless of age/size/knowledge. eventually you are gonna want to be able to put any finger on any fret, so that you can do what you want. there's nothing wrong with non-musically Playing Notes to build up awareness and stamina.

it's not clear from your post whether you should be playing a right or left handed guitar.. nobody can really help you fix that issue if you have made a mistake haha..

source: am a 22 year player who started with tabs alongside taking piano lessons, also privately taught both young and old beginners for several years