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What’s the problem? My building encourages the use of the back door when exiting the building with a dog. We can’t enter through the back door because it’s locked from the outside and only the management team/maintenance team have access. So, I exit through the back and enter through the front.

If they changed the lock and changed the policy making it mandatory to enter the building through the back door with a dog, I literally wouldn’t care because this wouldn’t change anything apart from me saying hi to the front desk staff as I enter with a dog


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Idk where you are in nyc, but the biggest payment you’re probably making is rent or mortgage/common charges. So the easy answer is to find something (perhaps with roommates) on the “affordable” side. This will likely mean further from Manhattan. Another option is roommates.

The rest is just miscellaneous (food, transportation, events, utilities). This is something you can manage to more of an extent than the housing.

Bottom line is you just need to spend less and save more. Particularly more so if your income isn’t increasing at the rate of inflation. This could mean you don’t go out to eat often/cook more, less events, less travel, etc.

This is true regardless of where you live. NYC just has a higher housing cost but lower transportation cost (subway/bus vs car for a big chunk of NYC).

Dual income is much easier I will say. So roommates are probably the way to go for you if you do not have a spouse. That way less of the cost burden for housing is solely on you


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Wow that’s crazy that the couple also deleted a yelp review on another restaurant about flies. Not sure how Gammeeok found it if it was deleted but idk much about yelp.

Gammeeok also has video footage of them serving the soup with no rat. Makes it seem like the couple is the one at fault but interested to see how the story develops.

I personally have never been but I would hate to see a restaurant go down if this is in fact not true


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Is this referring to LIC? Because that’s very wrong if it is. 7/E/G/M are within 10 mins. Huge park is gantry. Is it the size of prospect? No, but you’re also comparing two different things - inland park and waterfront park. Both of which have their pros and cons