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I didn’t say people shouldn’t have them. Doctors shouldn’t be prescribing them so much and they shouldn’t be treated so casually.

But also yeah if people want them recreationally they should be able to buy them. We just shouldn’t act like it’s a good thing.


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So, so many things wrong with this comment. You're encouraging what is essentially genocide, or biochemical warfare against entire populations.

Also, "too many old people" means you fundamentally don't understand the issue. It's not like people will be healthy forever then just keel over 10 years earlier than average. They'll get sick and feel progressively shittier.


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“Whether you get distracted or not you have ADHD”

I hope in the future humanity is able to see the barbarity of modern psychiatry as we see all of the history of psychiatry: based in brutality, pseudoscience, and often the violation of human rights.


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I mean, any corporate shithole like that is best avoided.

Products are poor quality with suspect handling prior to getting to the restaurant. Restaurant staff are underpaid, understimulated, and abused, and probably have limited pride in their work because there’s no art to cooking corporate trash. And thus anyone with talent leaves and they’re stuck with the dregs, who tend to care less about food safety protocols etc.

Management are pressed to be as efficient as possible with products, so are more likely to serve things past their prime


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You were too busy blowing cops

But do you seriously think there shouldn’t be laws against using a media empire to spread foreign propaganda? Or just spread any propaganda that is wildly conflicting with the good of the people?

Do media outlets have zero responsibility in your mind?


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It would 100% without a doubt be so, so much less damaging than daily SSRIs.

I can’t say it would be more effective, but modern science suggests some combination of mild hallucinogens (psilocybin, mdma, ketamine) with exercise and a nutritionist is probably the path the health for the vast majority of individuals