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Meanwhile, the EU backs away slowly whistling nonchalantly. Can't let the FIFA thing remind people to look into how their social welfare system is paid for ultimately. I know we do the same shady business practices too but I'm just here to annoy the people who think the EU is above all that because "they're better than the US."


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No, that would be practicality. The maps of where high speed rail lines are proposed reads like someone just looked at a map and went "Oh that looks short enough let's do that". Meanwhile they have these lines going through places where there's four tunnels and you can't exceed 75 MPH on the highway due to the sharpness of the turns. That's not feasible for a train that's supposed to go 150 plus.

There's a reason long-range passenger rail died in the US. Why go through something you can go over?


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Yeah, take the bus and the train commoner. That's the solution. Environmental Classism. Basically the roads will become the future version of the Moscow Ring with your betters in the new fangled ZiL Lanes, know your role and your place for the good of Mother Earth peasants.

I'm obviously exaggerating but not an awful lot.


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>does he talk about how much Hitler was influenced by America's "Manifest Destiny" in the mid 19th century, and used it as a justification for the calls for Lebensraum, or "Living Space", for Germans?

Probably mentions it but knowing that Burns isn't some shill for the "Europe never does anything wrong" crowd he probably also mentions the centuries of persecutions of Jews and minority groups in all of Europe.

Is there a difference? A natural conflict between two cultures that results in the near elimination of one versus the systemic and planned genocide of an entire people. Uh duhhhh I don't know /s. The propaganda is strong with Reddit today.


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>Or that the Nazis used the Southern US as a model when creating the original racial laws.

No, they didn't. You really expect anyone who has ever read any history about Central Europe from the 6th Century to the 20th to actually believe that it was "The Americans" that inspired a nation in a region where persecutions and eliminations of unwanted people was the norm to do what it did? Gods, the Euros are desperate to claim innocence at all times.


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