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Sure and they should require every business to have bullet proof glass, bio/chemical air filters in case of a bio/chemical attack. Let's not forget a fall out shelter in case North Korea actually does fire a nuke at us! While we're at it, why not require rubber floors in case someone should fall and how about foam furniture in case someone else falls? Maybe they should have a company of Infantry Marines in case Chine should launch a frontal attack? We gotta have a squadron of F-22s flying Combat Air Patrol in case the Luxembourg Air Force tries a sneak attack, with all THREE of their airplanes!

Where does the madness end???


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Don't forget to look at YouTube. There are many vids by professors and other smart people that break things down to the very basics. Dr. Becky has become one of my favorites along with Sabine Hossenfelder and of course Neil deGrasse Tyson, etc. Most of their videos are short, 20-30 minutes, and they use simple words and concepts.

Good Luck!