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They would have been worse off if they joined the Central Powers. The French would have been a much tougher opponent than Austria Hungary and they would have been very vulnerable to the British Royal Navy. With that said, joining the Allies was also a bad idea. The Italians had half a million casualties in WW1 for very little gain after the war. Their best option would have been to sit the war out.


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Smoking also prevents certain types of colon cancer that stem from ulcerative colitis (although it significantly increases the risk of colon cancer overall) and may prevent Parkinson's disease. There are a few tiny corners of the body that benefit from smoking but it will tear apart virtually everything else.


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I think we know what happened. We were warned this was going to happen before it did happen. There were estimates that thousands would die preping for the World Cup before a single project even started. Not to criticize the families for wanting information or those who went to Qatar for work. It's absolutely horrifying that no one with any power did anything to prevent what was obviously going to happen.