PorkRindSalad t1_jabz08j wrote

idk much about the hallmarks of 3d printing, but I'm pleased with the end product.

I was iffy about how extraordinary the sculpt and texturing are, and then there's just a flat bottom with a hole on it to do the job...

Like, the sculpture is just a decoration sitting on the work surface instead of being incorporated into the opening mechanism...

But I don't mind at all if it was 3d printed from a digital sculpt.

But I get your point that op didn't mention anything about it in their process. I'm curious if you're right.


PorkRindSalad t1_j7ee9q0 wrote

I wonder what keeps people from just hammering their own rebar down and claiming that's where the line is. Wouldn't even have to remove the first one, just create enough confusion to get away with adjusting the new fence line.


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