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Ha, i love the internet.

Always working on binaries, all or nothing, love or hate.

Better Call Saul not getting awards doesn't mean that it is hated, it just means that other shows are liked and awarded more.

If you like or love it, then that is all that should truly matter.


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You is campy and funny as shit.

But i think the answe to the overall question of the post is that the darkness within humanity is a pretty interesting topic to explore.

It's the scarier type of horror because of how real it is.

The fact that normal people and lives are mostly (for your sake and mine) free of said darkness does raise some curiosity.


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I like the last of us, but i think there is a lot of recency bias at the moment in regards with the comparisons between both shows.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick owned every scene he was in and helped The Walking Dead become the phenomenom that it was.

Pedro Pascal is good, but i have seen him do better than joel.


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Dark also captures you right away.

Literally, the first scene and its ramifications and dynamics for the characters related to THAT Person set the tone of the show pretty quick.

Not only that, but the soundtrack and atmosphere of the show (strating from episode one) are really unique among television.

I think people just aren't used to slow burns anymore, specially slow burns that have zero bombastic scenes and action in between, just talking.

But speakig of 1899, what a great show.

The first scene didn't capture my attention as quickly as Dark did, but the episode was so immersive.

Seeing all of the different people and languages aboard the Kerberos ship and the dread of discovering the mysteries of the Prometheus really payed off for me.