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Idk. One of the best jokes I ever heard was from a lesbian comedienne who's skit went, "There would be less lesbians in the world if men were any good to women in bed. Like, there should be a whore house for women Where the men are paid to listen and act like they care about what their clients are dealing with, pedicures, and massages. And later, at that moment of climax (which has a money-back guaranteed delivery.) the men have to cry out, "CAN'T BELIEVE HOW GREAT YOUR SHOES MATCH YOUR DRESS!!!. She also said that she likes to mess with men and that the last man she was with asked if he had hurt her when she groaned. Her response was, "No your not hurting me; your ANNOYING me! You think you could hurt me with that ?!!!" I mean ouch!!! But still funny as shit. 😆