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I understand the sentiment you're trying to get across. I definitely do vote, and I encourage every citizen that can to do so as well. However, we can't wait for every election cycle to maybe pass a small, select, few amendments or bills, when all of our problems keep getting worse every single day. I will continue to keep voting for the change I want, but I also encourage you to see if there are any organizations or non-profits that you could invest your time into as well!

Solidarity forever


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Well, I definitely appreciate your honesty about this. Your first point is something I've thought about a lot recently. I honestly think people just need a reframing of the issue between others. I don't think we should focus so much on the left v. right aspect of the common people, it should more fall on the us v. them mentally in regards to class. Working class as opposed to ruling class. Maybe that's the first step that's needed for a more effective change


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The Drew Lewis foundation is pretty interesting, they provide low-income residents an affordable option to start home-ownership, as well as other aspects to the community.

I definitely understand the sentiment that people have their lives to take care of, I just want to know what the limit is for people before they feel like they have nothing left to lose. I know that's morbid, but I want to try and help people before something like that happens


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I really love your suggestions!! I personally believe if we invested in public infrastructure, walkable sidewalks, and more public land would make Springfield leagues better. I'd love to pitch this idea to people who would listen, I actually had the mayor come to one of my classes and speak to us about leadership, maybe I can ask my professor for a contact info to reach out (: