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You can buy CBD isolate from Chicbd for about 5 dollars per gram in small quantities or around 2 dollars per day which is far more manageable cost wise than buying the snake oil elixirs and gummies sold at stores. Just decarboxylate then capsule it up. Ezpz.


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As I told him you can go do your own research. Space is dynamic in the fact that our understanding of it changes almost daily at this point. We are constantly learning new things. Just because you haven’t learned the new information doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Imagine the concept that we don’t know everything. Because we don’t. We think lots of things, doesn’t mean they are correct. I’ve been tired of this conversation. It’s obvious that I am not on the same wavelength as the rest of this thread. I learned a lot about this particular Reddit and the experience was the opposite of positive. Congratulations to everyone who participated, you definitely helped me formulate an opinion about this place.


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Hells bells, that one was on CNN among other places. The fact is we think we know all these things about space and all we know is what we observe vs what a couple guys guessed far before space travel was possible. That’s not facts, facts are observable. The theory was nothing escapes, the fact is this is how stars are made…


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The point I am trying to make is that we need solutions. And the solution cannot be throw it in the ocean, we have already thrown more things in the Ocean than we ever should have. The average person has no idea that there are all kinds of harmful organisms all around us in the air we breathe, if we killed all those organisms the planet would die and it wouldn’t take very long. Yet we just go about our business, completely oblivious. We are killing this planet, the first step in saving it is stop killing it. The popular answer here is plunge it in the Ocean. That cannot be the right answer. The easiest way to do something is sometimes the worst way and causes more problems than it solves.


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Did you miss the part where I did mention that chemical rockets are not suitable for this. I understand why we haven’t. What I don’t understand is why we aren’t working on it. We are working on making it to Alpha Centari and Mars asap but can’t clean up our neighborhood.