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That's what I'd say, journalism reviews.

I usually go to Mediafactcheckbias if I want to see how credible a source is. Or just how partisan they are since I'd rather not read something along the lines of: "Those woke liberals/right wing extremists did such and such!". I'm just there for the facts, not some journalist's opinions.


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>first of all he's from the US, so not a "foreigner" just because he has duel citizenship. second, if you're really a progressive, as an American you'll understand you're standing in a glass house trying to guilt him by association with the Turkish regime just because his family is from there.

The guy spent just as much time in the Turkish Army than Pennsylvania, (Moved to the state in late 2020 and spent two years in the Turkish Army.) it's a very valid point to not want that representing a state in the Federal Senate when he doesn't have the first clue what the state needs or wants...


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>And are the members of those PDs Democrat or Republican?

He won't answer but I will.

Every single cop to my knowledge I met while in the Guard was either a republican or one or two libertarians.

To my knowledge I've never met a single liberal cop...


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>So he can yell up from his mommy and daddy’s basement that his feelings got hurt. LMAO. Libtard

Actually the dude would ask you why you think he's a clown.

By the way calling people "libtards" when they can flip it around and replace the "lib" with "re" and it be ten times as insulting as your original insult has got to be the biggest blunder I've seen from you guys...