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Ooooh thank you! I've been getting really interested in the human gut biome and how it effects mood, metal and physical health and even intelligence. I will definitely be checking this out! Would this be better read or could one listen to the audiobook at work, in your opinion?


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I really liked that movie, tbh. It was messy for sure but it was different, it was interesting. Honestly it would have been a great candidate for deepfaking technology, like five years from now to make the racial transitions more seamless. I liked what it had to say, I liked the big ideas, I dunno something about it really captured me.

Sadly, I did not like the book nearly as much which is unusual.


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I think it is its own separate sense as evidenced by the many times I have not set an alarm but somehow, in my sleep without any conscious thinking, my body knows exactly when I need to be awake. Bare in mind I sleep with a light blocking mask in a dead dark room so it isn't light perception either. Just my experience.

It is also a sense that can be messed with - people trapped in dark spaces like underground or sunken ships will often think it's only been a day when in reality they've been there three days.


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Dude, people used to think human babies didn't feel pain. Or at least didn't remember so no anesthesia operations used to be a thing. I mean, I get it, probably easy to eff up a baby with anesthesia but still.