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IDK any doctors who would do general anesthesia for something like that, but if you haven't already I'd explore smaller IUD options. I'm a really small guy and they decided to go with Kyleena instead of Mirena, and that alone probably kept me in the "little pinch" zone instead of full on screaming pain. My friend was in your situation and on take 2 opted for a smaller IUD and a quicker doctor and I think it went a lot better. If you're opting for a copper IUD though then you're out of luck on getting a smaller one. Those suckers are huge.


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Pretty sure its the same guy that used to camp out behind the PSU and yell and people going by that they're whores and whatever. I remember him saying, without context, that Kobe Bryant and Mother Teresa are both burning in hell.

The synth had me laughing my ass off when I saw it. Literally just hitting and holding random notes while he preaches. Funny as fuck.