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Many changes from felonies to misdemeanors. Downgrades, even murder.

You’re entitled to your opinion. Go ahead believe everything Bowser and the stats say.

My opinion is this. You are full of shit, probably a affluent whyte WFH fuckwad living in Thomas Circle. Why are all the respondents from the likes of Foggy Bottom and Thomas Circle? Of course everything is fine there. LMAO.

Full of shit, indeed.


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More examples of underreporting. But never mind. Critical Strawberry and the tiki god says…

You are a troll. Stats don’t lie. Everything is fine.


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I don’t understand what you are talking about social programs. You think I’m suggesting giving that money to rich people? Uh… no.

There are MANY social programs in DC but they’re not being utilized.

My was question is how much longer will society tolerate all of this crime without impunity. Stores closing down. People getting hurt over carjackings. Lives being changed forever. Did you read the article?