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"Press 2 for emphatic response. I'm sorry you have waited too long in the menu. Now connecting you to tech support. You are line. The approximate waiting time is...48...minutes. Have you tried using Google to see why you are unhappy? Cue 'you're simply the best' waiting music


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I am unsure about how I feel about human intervention to reach high yields on animals (see: mass chicken sheds with large use of antibiotics).

But bees are such friends to not just us but so many species I think it's amazing that we might be able to help them with a problem they struggle with. I know we are actively fucking them up more with our use of pesticides and other crap. But a win is a win.


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I would say give it a while to rest and then try to reconcile. Not just with an apology but with concrete actions what you will do to prevent it in the future. I always advice people to set boundaries, your friend just did. It's going to suck going back. They don't owe you, but that doesn't mean they might be open for another chance.

I do feel for you, I am struggling with some mental stuff and hooch too. I always internalize and acting out is just not in my system. This is no brag, I just wouldn't want to imagine the pain losing your friends would be.

You said you are already in therapy, I hope this is a topic you can discuss. Because this hurts. I hope you can take a detour from alcohol, its clearly not bringing out your best side. It rarely does with anyone. Keep working on it and talking about it.