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The revealI expected was the stock of yogurt and all the seeds in dried fruits to have been turned into stone (since those are 'alive'), maybe the cat.
Killing off the duke's son... that's a harsh lesson on prepping your work area for Bartholomew.


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It's one of those words without single definition, it can change depending on usage and context.

Sentient vs sapient in science fiction is (very roughly) 'able to feel/sense/observe' vs 'capable of self awareness and abstract thought'.

In other usage sapient can both mean 'wise' and its 'attempting to appear wise', which can lead to hilarious misunderstanding depending on who makes the claim or accusation.


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Not the person you asked, but I think 'bubblology' (thank you for that word by the way) would have relevance in micro-fluidics, which relates to lab-on-a-chip applications and microbiology and cellular biology. It may also have mechanical engineering relevance through hydro-dynamics in (micro-)pumps, injectors, and carburetors. Maybe even drug delivery systems.

Edit: and according to this link it's also very useful for water aeration, which is needed for hydroponics, hydro-culture, and general water treatment.
In general for nano: lots of surface interaction, so great if you want to a lot of chemical or physical interaction between your nano-something and whatever substance you put it in.