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I want in assuming you're a far right moron ... I came out realizing you're even worse than I thought.

Such a strange thing how the uneducated will do nothing to properly educate themselves yet to think they can speak with some authority.

Also, WTF is "gay married to each other"? Don't you mean butt buddies or something?


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Oh wow. So you were friend with both of them too or what because I'm having a hard time figuring out how you "know" this.

Having your contact saving in a phone book doesn't mean shit. I've got Obama saved in my phone book ... dude doesn't when know who I am.


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Yeah no. Saddam was a fucking monster and needed to go.

No dictator that rules to oppress a majority of its people is good for a country. Not to mention that he used his military for evil purposes.

The US terrible things in Iraq but that doesn't mean Saddam was better. Absolutely not. Thinking or even saying such a thing shows a level of ignorance so grand that it's insane to think people actually think this.


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So it's the same thing as always:

Exercise is crucial in today's world. It's so easy and so tempting to constantly be sitting and consuming via our screens and since the vast majority of us are no longer doing any sort of manual labor, a dedicated exercise routine is crucial.

Exercise is known to have benefits in multiple arenas. Even if you don't have a concern for cancer, the benefits to mood and sleep alone should be a great motivator.


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But your article doesn't say that and that's not what you said before either.

> They gave us wmd intelligence

That's not the same as corroborate. And, again, that's also not mentioned in the article you linked and didn't actually read.

What's it like to live in a world where you know so little and even the little you do know is wrong? What is it that makes you unwilling to do better research and better equip yourself with actual, factual information?


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That's the thing though:

Your link doesn't talk about the subject we're talking about. That being that it was Israel who told the US about Iraq's supposed WMDs.

I asked you for proof and you hit up Google, pulled up the first thing you could find that sounded legit, didn't even read the fkkin' article, and STILL seem to think that you're somehow right.


This ends up being one of those things where you tell everyone you're stupid without saying "I'm stupid." Though, to be fair, if you updated your link to literally anything else (such as "I'm stupid") it would have the same usefulness and ability to prove your point as it does now.


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And I asked you for a source that says that.

You haven't provided that and, again, all your article talks about is how Israel got their intelligence on Saddam himself wrong ... not that they knew he had WMDs and that they told their secururity partners.

The source of that "intelligence" came from an exiled Iraqi politician who had it out for Saddam (reasonably so as Saddam sucked), not Israel.


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Did you even read the article that you linked? Did you even read what you quoted?

I did. I couldn't find where it said Israel was the source of the WMDs in Iraq and your quote isn't saying a damn thing.

Please provide a quote from your source that says the US got this intelligence from Israel.


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You got a source for that?

Wait, I'll save you from wasting your time.

You don't because it's not true.

In fact, there wasn't any reliable intelligence on this. The Bush admin made it all up so they'd have a pretext to go to war. Hell, the CIA even came out and said that the "intelligence" wasn't reliable and Cheney and his people harassed the analysts who wrote reports stating that.


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Oh snap. I know of many a road that, when pot hole season is upon us and the roads are falling apart left and right, you can see bricks underneath. Didn't connect the two together but that makes a lot of sense.

Cool stuff.

Kinda always wondered why they didn't remove the old roads. Figured it was due to some sort of historical reason.


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Curious: How do these structures always end up buried underground? Did they bury them themselves? Is it just because they were abandoned for centuries/millennia and nature had its way with it?

Always make me wonder what history I'm walking over when I'm visiting the fam in Cornwall. I just assume there's history everywhere and seeing things like this makes me wonder even more.