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I’ll have to double check some of the ones I was looking at in RI. When I was living in MA every single private range and club in my radius included a mandatory NRA membership in order to join, at least in greater Boston. It was starting to crack due to everyone being dissatisfied with them at least. I don’t remember the names but I remember seeing a few places mentioned in the MAGuns Reddit that weren’t requiring, though none near enough to me.


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Bit off topic from the thread, but do you have any range recommendations for people with these multiple opinions? I've been looking at potentially joining a club / membership range as opposed to just going to public ones, but am a bit worried about figuring out the culture at different places. If it doesn't require an NRA membership even better, but that seems pretty standard so I'm not holding out for it.


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It's a shame we switched to it honestly. I'll have to find the paper, but there was a good study done about the results of switching to single stream. While the amount of goods being put in recycling bins went way up, the amount of goods being successfully recycled actually went down because of the contamination.

A lot of places had to stop their recycling programs entirely after China banned imported recycling material, as it turned out most of our 'recycling' was just being shipped to China or other countries and dumped in rivers after valuable metals were sifted out.