ProGamerHD_13 t1_iuf50bz wrote

Yeah, micro transactions this and unfinished games that.

For every game I'm hyped for I just think to myself "I'll just wait for reviews and if the're good buy it a year later on a sale."

Modern gaming as whole became very tiresome. Sure, there are some good AAA and indie devs thats still make great games (ID Software, Ghost Ship Games, etc...) but they are definitely thining out. Like, not long ago Rockstar was seen as the studio that only makes good stuff GTA franchise and RDR2 but then they shat out GTA Trilogy Defective Edition and spat everyone who loved the originals in the face.

It's really starting to feel like we might experience another crash. Maybe not soon but I bet it's gonna happen. Companies chasing money, people pre-ordering games no matter the red flags, consoles being hard to buy, etc... Sure, video marker right now is incredibly profitable, but what will happen when most people just stop tolerating this shit by spending their money elsewhere? The market is rotting inside out and when people go away I doubt it will be able to change course fast enough to fully recover.