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Likely a mix. Medical dispensaries are able to apply for rec licenses if they want to. So I'm sure we'll see some medical only dispensaries, some recreational facilities, and some facilities that cater to both. I have heard in some places that went recreational before us that some dispensaries had separate lines for recreational and medical so patients wouldn't be burdened by recreational customers increasing wait time.


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Yeah I'm in my 30s and haven't touched weed since I was in high school. I know the weed available today is way stronger than the stuff I used to get so I wanted to start with something a little weaker. Delta highs feel, to me, similar to what I remember weed being like but not nearly as strong. I'm excited for some dispensaries to get their rec licenses so I can get the real thing (not really interested in buying black market).


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I've got some issues that medical cannabis can help and I've read a number of articles about cannabis being used to treat alcoholism. I never really wanted to have to pay to get access to medicine (mmj cards) but once rec passed I took the plunge and started using cannabis (delta 8 but now that the good stuff is legal I'll be switching to that). After over a decade of alcoholism I'm 4 weeks off the shit. Between that and cannabis helping with my other issues I feel fucking fantastic.


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They sent our flyers stating you needed a state issued ID to vote. But c'mon, we live in a very red state. It's a miracle we don't need to provide 12 forms of ID and a letter from the governor stating we're not illegal Mexicans before we can vote.


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My tax on my home went up $15 and my tax on my cars went up $100 but I've got an extra vehicle on there this year. The vehicle one is a bit much since the "assessed value" of the additional car is $400 (project car) but neither seem crazy.


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This is so true. I was paying $310/mo for insurance on 2 2017 vehicles. Switched insurance companies and started paying $110/mo with more coverage for the same 2 vehicles. It's been almost 2 years now and my rates have been creeping up. If they go up again the in the spring I'll switch again. There's no discount for being loyal to an insurance agency.


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Took me less than 10 minutes to vote from the time I pulled into the parking lot to the time I left (in republic). I was shocked because in 2020 I spent 2.5 hours waiting to vote. Both times I got to the polling station around 330pm.


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You didn't say anything about the jews/mexicans/blacks ruining the country, didn't say anything good about Trump, and totally missed the whole stolen election. You also didn't support the troops, call Biden any names, or referencing locking up Hillary. Plus you failed to remind everyone that the LGBTQ community are pedo groomers trying to snach up all the children by letting men wear dresses.

Basically your chances are slim to none in southern MO unless you're willing to jump on the insanity train, run as a republican, and sacrifice all your good ideas in favor of crushing freedoms and supporting bigotry. Bonus points if you can string together a mildly coherent sentence that includes both being anti-censorship and pro-banning books.

Not to say I don't think you should run, just set realistic expectations. There's just not enough of is progressives around here to drown out the fascism.


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Yep. My doc worked for mercy but did vasectomies at a non-mercy clinic on the weekends. $1100 wasn't bad. They gave me the insurance forms in case I wanted to try to make a claim. 10 minutes of looking at that was all it took to decide my sanity was worth more than anything insurance would potentially cover.

Since you're getting your procedure soon, go buy some bags of frozen corn or pees. No joke, they're much nicer on the boys. They settled around everything better and don't have that "oh fuck this is so cold" intensity you get from a normal ice pack.