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The financially better off branch probably had kids at a later age after they or their husbands were educated and started careers. There are advantages to this, and it makes building multigenerarional wealth easier. I know plenty of 30 something year old grandparents, teen pregnancy follows a trend in working class families. By the time I had my first kid, my classmates that had children right out of high-school were showing me their grandkids photos. A 2:1 ratio in generational age gap seems pretty plausable. Also possible, her branch just tended to be the youngest siblings and yours tended to be the oldest siblings and I am just pulling things out of thin air.


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You aren't wrong. Reality vs security theater. Former employees know how to game the system. Short of a security guard being at every entrance, people will piggy-back on another badge holder. Just be carrying a pile of boxes, and avoid the by-the-book types. You already know who would let it slide in another dept, excuse you have seen them do it before.


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A chemical intermediate does not mean a medicine, just a chemical needed to make one chemical into another that is a medicine... Pho is freaking fantastic though.


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You can buy compressors with a large enough tank at most hardware stores. Won't be cheap, but in the long haul it may be worth it. The tanks are roughly the size of a traditional gas water heater. Wait for a sale.


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Yeah, they are among the ones that chose profit over people. Government is supposed to regulate business for a reason and not the other way around. PURE capitalism without healthy government regulation is evil. Regulatory capture is basically the same thing with extra steps.


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If the numbers are to be believed many more lives were saved by those actions. Even more could have been if we had acted sooner. They preferred mass death of the elderly and middle-aged over personal sacrifice IMHO. I think that makes them weak willed and weak minded. Those are the ones that knew what was up. I can forgive the ones that were manipulated into believing that there was nothing we could do or that it was overblown. They don't question what they are told by their guys and are generally kinda just trying to live life.