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Maybe you can’t. Look into lucid dreaming. It’s not 100% control necessarily, but you can have some control. It’s not something that you can just do inherently though either. It takes a lot of practice.

It’s one thing from Inception that’s mildly accurate. You can control your dreams, not like they can but it’s doable. Instead of a hostile mob chasing you if you’re a stranger, if you can gain control and try to change too much or change something too drastically, you’ll wake up.

An easy way I’ve found is trying to fly. Typically you want to hard wire into your brain “this is the start flying action” and it can come more naturally in dreams. I can’t make myself fly 100% of the time, but I can get it done fairly consistently. My current thing I’m working on is learning to inject specific things or at least go back to previous dreams.


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Proving something isn’t the same as something being true. I agree you can’t prove something with flawed logic. That doesn’t make the statement true or false though. That exists independently of a persons ability to prove it. The laws of nature are going to govern the world whether or not anyone can prove that they exist.

We need to be careful not to confuse proving something with whether or not something is true. I agree with the article’s point that someone can make a statement that is truthful whether or not they used proper logic to come to that conclusion. Where I differ from the article is that I don’t believe that the person is guaranteed to be right about anything else, nor would I believe that their logic is valid.


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The entire idea that false or bad logic means the conclusion reached is inaccurate is in and of itself a logical fallacy. People need to understand that. However, to say that “logical fallacies” (or pointing them out) is bad for society is also flawed. It’s an outright attack on rationality and logic.

Logic is the set of rules by which the universe operates. Discarding those rules turns the world on its head and allows for humans (or at least those with high power) to define reality. Humans by there very nature are evil (or at minimum highly self centered). Building a system that provides the potential for others to take advantage of their power by defining reality is dangerous and should be considered carefully.

A better solution to logical fallacies and the fallacies that fall into place when using them would be to better educate the people on formal logic and rationality. Just because people can’t be responsible with something doesn’t mean it should be forever removed. Education rather than revocation should be the mantra. If you teach people self control and self sufficiency it follows that you will need less centralized control and aid towards sufficiency. Society is better off when people can be independent rather than dependent. The more you increase dependency the more you increase a tyrannical persons ability to gather power.