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From your laptop to your home router it's WiFi, so radio signals/electromagnetic waves. Those obviously travel through walls. From your home router to the access points of your provider, it's probably copper wires which carry signals as electric current, and from your providers network into the rest of the larger world it's optic fiber lines, transporting data as light pulses.

Your mileage may vary, as your laptop may be connected via (copper) cable to a router, or you may be lucky enough to have to have optic fibre lines directly into your house.

Your mobile internet connection (3/4/5G) also uses electromagnetic waves to reach the next cell tower, which is again connected via optic fibre lines to your providers network.


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>People in the US are investing because they have no other choice.

I'm aware. It's one of the major arguments of our boomers why "we" don't have to invest like Americans have to, because we have that great pension system that will take care of everyone [who was born before 1970 /silent part loud].

Hence my initial statement. Young EU-folks are now forced to begin building just the same mindset that has been in the US for decades.


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You US folks at least have some personal investing mentality. In EU (especially Germany) pensions will fail big time too, yet basically nobody is investing. Boomers are alright because their pensions are fat. Young folks will (probably) be fine because they realized that a train is speeding towards the pension system and investing is mandatory. Everybody in between (too young to get a boomer pension, too old to start building private retirement wealth) is beyond fucked.