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Another fascinating detail from the article:

>While many of the substances were from across the Mediterranean, they also found residues of dammar gum and elemi resin, which likely came from the forests of southeast Asia, or possibly tropical regions of Africa.
>This, the researchers said, revealed the long-distance exchange of goods

I had no clue their trade networks reached so far.


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It's interesting to see how in-depth their research was:

>They revealed ancient Egyptians used a wide variety of substances to anoint the body after death, to reduce unpleasant smells and protect it from fungi, bacteria and putrefaction. Materials identified include plant oils such as juniper, cypress and cedar as well as resins including from pistachio trees, animal fat and beeswax.
>Archaeologists were also able to determine which particular substances were used to preserve different body parts. (Pistachio resin and castor oil, for example, were used only for the head.)