Professionalarsonist t1_jcasgmp wrote

My cousin from Ghana came to visit my family in the US a year ago. I honestly thought these conspiracies were just a joke until I picked him up from the airport. Conversation went like this:

Him: “Hey man, are you vaccinated? I’ve been thinking about doing it”

Me: “Yeah, you should do it. I think it’s available everywhere now”

Him: “idk man…I’m iffy about it, have you heard of bill gates?”


Him: “Well you know how he made computer viruses and then sold antivirus software?”

Me: “I think I’ve heard that theory once….”


He did not embellish on this point any further. He just sat there smugly acting like he had cracked the case. I was blown away. He’s aggressively uneducated. Like I don’t think I’ve ever met a more uneducated person in my life and it has nothing to do with being from Ghana. His sister is a freaking doctor. But it was my first real world glimpse into that group and I get the people that peddle this narrative now.