ProgsRS OP t1_jduy8hd wrote

> That said, GrapheneOS excels at compatibility compared to running a de-Googled smartphone. Even third-party apps like Uber that rely on Google Maps work without a hitch. > > However, GrapheneOS cannot pass all SafetyNet compatibility checks without Google’s certification. This means that NFC payments in Google Pay and a handful of third-party apps will likely never work. Having said that, most apps don’t mandate SafetyNet. GrapheneOS also supports AOSP’s hardware attestation feature but it’s up to app developers to embrace it. > > But if you’re willing to stomach those two compromises, I can confidently say that you can use GrapheneOS as your daily-driver smartphone operating system. Throughout my time using it, I never felt inconvenienced.

I've never used NFC payments. There's always a certain minor tradeoff and the benefits far outweigh the cons IMO. Plus, it's very easy to switch back to Android or vice versa if it ever becomes necessary.