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Storage is the problem…very leaky atom. NASA hasn’t even figured it out.Bad for commercial vehicles and airlines.

It’s better to use hydrogen for marine use or for manufacturing.

Toyota lost big and contributed hard to oil companies for the hydrogen part. They are now finally going to EV. But they are way behind the 8 ball.


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He was a major …major donor to the Democratic Party, he then gave 500,000 right before he filed for bankruptcy. Probably to get him out of his situation…or say he played both sides.


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Cascade subduction will be devastating for any body on the coast…a potential 7 story wave with 40sec notice. Then no way of getting help. PNW needs to invest in helicopters. Past the mountains will be earthquakes. Inland will not be bad, but brick and masonry places will understandably have issues, but the coast will be deadly.


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FTX was one of the largest donors to the Biden election campaign…but somehow this is never mentioned.

This looks like this was money laundering donor money, and worse ….money laundering funnel from foreign adversaries.

This is unfortunately already presidential.